About Us

About Us

Created by a team of passionate and experienced professionals, One96 Opportunities is an education services company dedicated to providing high-quality learning experiences. Harnessing the power of digital breakthroughs we facilitate student learning and mobility through streamlined and cost-effective processes that help realize dreams and build rewarding careers. Working in partnership with public and private education stakeholders we fulfill our role with integrity and transparency.

Responding to the continuing popularity of international education and in response to institutional needs to diversify student source countries, we are launching a major expansion that will allow us to offer our services to more regions and ultimately to the 196 countries in the world. Building on the continued success of our recruitment consultancy business, we are expanding our reach and networks to offer learning opportunities to more students and customized sourcing of qualified candidates for our institutional partners.


To inspire students to pursue their dreams, empower them to shape their future and equip them to succeed


To provide educational services that foster personal growth and global awareness

We achieve our mission by: - Complying with relevant legislations affecting our operations - Acting professionally, responsibly and ethically in our relationships with international education stakeholders including students and their families, educational institutions’ personnel and our colleagues and employees - Recognizing the importance of confidentiality and respecting the privacy of our clients and employees - Promoting our services with accuracy and transparency - Representing partner institutions with respect, honesty and integrity - Supporting education-related professional and community organizations.

How 196opportunity assist your Career

One96 Opportunities is currently looking to hire agents/student recruiters in North Africa and the Middle East, Vietnam and the Philippines. We offer competitive compensation and incentives with flexible work arrangements. If you believe you can contribute to the success of our organization, please send your resume to : info@one96opportunities.com .